Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teeth Brushing and Flossing--the Ins and Outs by Dr. Pobanz, South Ogden and Pleasant View, UT

Patients want to know what they should do to take care of their teeth and gums when they are not sitting in your chair. Everyone knows that it's important to brush their teeth three times a day and floss at least once, but there are other small nagging questions a lot of us don't know the answers to. Chewing gum advertisers claim that chewing gum will help prevent cavities, while tooth brush manufacturers allege that their state-of-the-art toothbrush will also help to reduce plaque. Dr. Pobanz helps us to decipher the tricky waters of mouthwashing! Frequently asked questions about brushing your teeth:

1. How much time should it take me to brush my teeth?

At least 2 minutes or the length of a song on the radio.

2. How long should I keep my tooth brush before buying a new one?

You should be a new one every 3-6 months

3. Do power toothbrushes work better than regular toothbrushes?

Only if they are used. Studies show that a diligent person can get the same effect with a standard tooth brush. However, many people are more likely to use their power brush - many have features that disrupt plague easier like the Braun or Sonicare. Bottom line: whatever you have, use it!

4. When I can't brush, will chewing sugar free gum after a meal really help to prevent cavities?

Increasing saliva flow is the key here. The research is showing that their is an increase in salivary flow, therefore a reduction in plaque accumulation while chewing sugar free gum after a meal.

5. Does mouthwash really help to prevent cavities?

Anything that reduce bacteria counts in the saliva can make a difference

6. How often should I use mouthwash?

An ADA approved mouthwash with Flouride and/or antibacterial ingredients could be used once a day to make a difference while helping to improve bad breath.

7. Will eating mints hurt my teeth, and cause cavities?

Sugar free mints help your breath but little else, however, a regular mint is just like eating a piece of candy, exposing your teeth to more sugar.

8. Will brushing my teeth after meals help prevent cavities?

Absolutely. Removing food debris reduces acid producing bacteria in the mouth which is what causes cavities.

9. What is the best way to keep my gums healthy?

Regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day and a professional cleaning visit every six months with a dental hygienist are the keys to healthy gums. Smoking and chewing tobacco contribute to gum disease. Gentle but thorough brushing is important as the delicate architecture of the gums can be negatively affected by an over-aggressive brushing technique. And if you need orthodontic care, contact us at Pobanz Orthodontics!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pobanz Orthodontics Patient Reviews

With two locations serving South Ogden and Pleasant View, Utah, Pobanz Orthodontics offers the most advanced orthodontic treatments in a comfortable, inviting setting. Just see what our patients have to say!I love everything - I've never been displeased. Dr. Pobanz is a very personable guy, my child and I just love him. His staff is excellent, very nice, knowledgeable, and fun. His office contests and incentives are great. Whenever I talk to people about their children and braces I mention how much I love Dr. John and his staff. I'm even thinking about treatment for myself...
-Jolyn H.

Dr. Pobanz and his staff have such positive attitudes and they are very encouraging for their patients. It's never dull there, and the staff are all so easy to talk to. I like the casual, informal setting.
-Genevieve L.

Pobanz Orthodontics is a fun place and I feel like I'm getting the most modern care available.
-Jason H.

Dr. Pobanz is up to date on all the new high-tech stuff and has a great office that is a fun environment for kids and parents. The friendly staff are always smiling.
-Erin B.

Everyone at Pobanz Orthodontics is very friendly! They give great information regarding your personalized treatment plan, stay updated with the latest technology, have such a friendly office staff, and a fun environment. We loved them!
-London D.

Dr. Pobanz is professional, has a great bedside manner, has fun contests for patients, and their website and office is impressive.
-Cindy S.

Pobanz Orthodontics is a fun environment! I love it when everyone's happy. Most times I am there, they are singing and laughing!
-William S.

Dr. Pobanz is very funny, has a great friendly staff, and a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Almost makes it fun to wear braces. Almost!
-Bonnie Q.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gum Disease Can Sneak Up On You

It’s easy to tell when you have a cavity; but unfortunately, gum disease can exist in your mouth without you even knowing. In fact, you can have the beginning stages of gum disease without noticing any pain or discomfort. Since gum disease can be undetectable, it’s important to watch for warning signs in order to prevent the disease from worsening!

Signs to watch for:

• Gums that appear red or swollen
• Gums that feel tender
• Gums that bleed easily (during brushing or flossing)
• Gums that recede or pull away from the teeth
• Persistent bad breath
• Loose teeth
• Any change in the way teeth come together in the biting position
• Any change in the way partial dentures fit

If you or someone in your family is showing these signs, make an appointment right away by calling 801-452-7155. We can diagnose the problem and begin treatment to save your teeth and give you back a healthy mouth!